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Day 3: Cleaner Air - Reducing Your Toxic Load with doTERRA


Environmental experts say “the average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals”??

We all want our homes to smell fresh and clean, but unfortunately air fresheners, deodorizers and candles are laden with ingredients that have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity??

Our daily exposure to these toxins can overload our bodies to point where our filtering organs can’t keep up -- recirculating them through our blood and storing the excess in our fat cells and tissues which can lead to all sorts of health issues down the road.

No one can avoid exposure to toxic chemicals altogether, but it is possible to take some simple steps to reduce it significantly.

Replacing these items with a diffuser or DIY room sprays are great alternatives. Switch out your synthetic versions for natural options by diffusing or adding 10 drops of oil to a spray bottle with distilled water for a room spray.

  • Disinfecting - OnGuard, Wild Orange
  • Deodorizing - Lemon
  • Relaxing - Balance
  • Floral - Lavender

PHTHALATES - on the list of worst toxic offenders

When you see ‘FRAGRANCE’ as an ingredient, this is usually code for hundreds of synthetic chemicals, many of which are phthalates - used to soften plastics and prolong the smell of fragrances

Long-term Impacts: reproductive issues, cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, depression, obesity, diabetes, delayed sexual development in children and developmental impacts in utero.