Day 4: Manage Stress


Anyone else relate to this picture??????

We all get stressed from time to time, but unfortunately, a lot of us feel like that most of the time.The stress response is actually beneficial when coping with serious situations (fight or flight). BUT, it’s supposed to turn off and go back to normal afterwards. When our stress levels stay elevated for long periods of time, it really takes a toll on our health - irritability, anxiety, headaches and insomnia are just the tip of the iceberg.

When we’re stressed, all systems in the body are affected. We experience increased heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, a flood of hormones, faster/shallower breathing, higher blood sugar levels for extra energy, muscle tension, a temporary pause on our reproductive system, and a boost to the immune system.

Like I said, great when it’s short-term, but imagine what goes on in our bodies when it doesn’t turn off? ?? Chronic stress is the source for so many issues: risk of stroke or heart attack, respiratory issues, type 2 diabetes, overeating, heartburn, acid reflux and other digestive issues, muscle tension, reproductive issues and a weakened immune system.

Using essential oils daily can be so effective in keeping our emotions and stress levels in check. There is tons of research showing how certain essential oils can alter our cellular communication in the brain, helping to reduce anxious feelings and promote a calming effect. These are some of my favorite “starter kit” oils and blends plus a couple of great add-ons to have on hand throughout the day. Diffuse them, make up multiple rollerballs for easy access (purse, bedroom, kitchen, etc.) or use certain ones internally.

Lavender, Balance, Frankincense, AromaTouch, Wild Orange, Serenity and Copaiba

Use equal drops for diffusers and rollerballs.


  • Essential Calm: Lavender + Frankincense
  • Chill: Balance + Wild Orange
  • Tension: AromaTouch + Frankincense or Copaiba
  • I Need A Moment: Balance + Serenity
  • I Can Do This: Wild Orange + Frankincense
  • Wind Down: Serenity + Copaiba

A drop of Frankincense or Copaiba under the tongue to immediately take the edge off or for use on a daily basis to help keep major mood swings as bay.



Environmental experts say “the average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals”??

We all want our homes to smell fresh and clean, but unfortunately air fresheners, deodorizers and candles are laden with ingredients that have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity??

Our daily exposure to these toxins can overload our bodies to point where our filtering organs can’t keep up -- recirculating them through our blood and storing the excess in our fat cells and tissues which can lead to all sorts of health issues down the road.

No one can avoid exposure to toxic chemicals altogether, but it is possible to take some simple steps to reduce it significantly.

Replacing these items with a diffuser or DIY room sprays are great alternatives. Switch out your synthetic versions for natural options by diffusing or adding 10 drops of oil to a spray bottle with distilled water for a room spray.

  • Disinfecting - OnGuard, Wild Orange
  • Deodorizing - Lemon
  • Relaxing - Balance
  • Floral - Lavender

PHTHALATES - on the list of worst toxic offenders

When you see ‘FRAGRANCE’ as an ingredient, this is usually code for hundreds of synthetic chemicals, many of which are phthalates - used to soften plastics and prolong the smell of fragrances

Long-term Impacts: reproductive issues, cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, depression, obesity, diabetes, delayed sexual development in children and developmental impacts in utero.


Yoga is so beneficial for the body, mind and soul, plus ANYONE can do it. Conscious breath is the basis of all yoga, it helps you to stay in the present moment, to let go of the past and the future and release any stress or anxiety, any resistance you’ve been holding onto. So don’t worry if you’re not super flexible, all you need to do is breathe??.

There are so many great yoga studios and online options. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Brassy Buddha in Westfield (if you’re local to The Oils Room)
  • Glo.com (Elena Brower is my favorite instructor and fellow oiler)
  • Yoga with Adriene on YouTube (check out her free 30 Days of Yoga program)

Last but not least, be sure to enhance your practice with oils. The possibilities are endless, but here are my favorites from the basic starter kits and the Yoga Kit, for those looking to expand their collection.


  • BREATHE - Great for the start of your practice to open the airways and connect more deeply to your breath. Add a drop to your palms and cup them over your nose. Close your eyes and inhale deeply for a few breaths or apply it over your heart.
  • BALANCE - apply to neck, over heart or bottoms of feet for a more grounded practice and to promote relaxation.
  • FRANKINCENSE - Apply a drop of to your temples or third eye during savasana or meditative type practice.



  • ARISE (Enlightening Blend) - Inspires you to rise to the challenge and accomplish your goals with courage and happiness
  • ANCHOR (Steadying Blend) - Helps to restore balance and stillness in your life, helping you feel rooted and grounded
  • ALIGN (Centering Blend) - Inspires a sense of peace, self-acceptance and purpose