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doTERRA Essential Oil Testimonials

vanessaB"We've been using essential oils for two years now and they have become very important to us in many different ways! Both of my sons and my husband suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma, but with the help of essential oils, I have not and to bring them to the doctor as often as I used to. They both love using oils to help them with their symptoms because neither one of them likes going to the doctor if we can fix it on our own! They love diffusing oils not only for sickness, but also to help them relax or focus. I love hearing them ask me for their favorite rollerballs! They commonly use Deep Blue, for pain, Lavender and Melaleuca for ear aches and Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint for allergies.

I take the LLV supplements daily to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. I also have my boys taking their a2z kids chewables, xEO Mega and PB Assist probiotics. And I have seen a very big difference in our energy and our overall health! I am so grateful for my mentor Christa for introducing me to doTERRA, it has completely transformed my family's life!"
— Vanessa B.


valerieB“I started my dive into essential oils to find additional ways to improve my health and mood. I thought diffusing was the easiest way to use oils but it turns out I’m doing a lot more than that! I started with the basic kit and use it in a variety of ways! I use lavender in a diffuser for my kids’ bedrooms and a roller ball of lavender to put on the base of their neck before bedtime. And when they’re particularly rowdy, I drop a few extra frankincense drops in their bath. When I got a notice that there were cases of lice in the school, I immediately added melaleuca to everyone’s shampoo and a spritz bottle to spray my kids’ heads before heading off to school. I put lemon in my water every morning for an extra pick me up, a drop of Serenity on my neck before bed and keep rollerballs of On Guard around the house in the winter to roll on everyone when I think of it. All of these little steps have been easy changes to our routine but have been impactful in big ways.
I was looking for a new vitamin and like most people I wanted noticeable results. I gave Lifelong Vitality Pack vitamins a try as part of a 30 Day Challenge and fell in love! I felt so much more energized throughout the day but in a stable way, not in a too-much-caffeine way. In fact, I had to cut down to only one cup of coffee (and only that one because I love coffee) or I was literally bouncing off the walls. I felt like I could keep up with my kids all day and still have a little more energy to get stuff done after their bedtime. I really notice the difference when I miss a morning of taking them. It’s been a game changer for me.
— Valerie B.


"She slept!! I used the viral blend on her and can't believe she's actually better today. She always gets worse before better typically... And usually involves a doctor's visit…"
— Liz K.


AngieF"My DoTERRA journey began 2½ years ago. Christa, introduced me – and I was open-minded enough to listen to her. I read enough about pesticides, carcinogens, parabens, synthetic fragrances, polluted drinking water etc. to understand that my family and I are exposed to toxins all day, every day. The concept of using pure plant products - plants that have been used throughout history for healing - to combat toxins and strengthen our bodies, resonated with me.

My eldest daughter has struggled with eczema and allergies. I am thrilled to have access to products that work with her body’s own mechanisms to treat her symptoms, with side benefits, instead of negative side effects. My youngest daughter is a two-sport athlete that demands a lot from her body. I now have tools to give her more energy, boost her immune system and help her recover faster from aches and pains. I diffuse essential oils every day to lift my mood, make me feel energized, help me sleep, help me focus and make my home smell wonderful – safely.

What makes me most excited about doTERRA’s products though, is how powerful they are for combating feeling depressed or anxious and easing pain. It is freeing and empowering to know that I can help myself and others with these crippling challenges. The list of uses for doTerra essential oils is endless. It’s now a part of my family’s lifestyle and I am forever thankful."
— Angie F.


"I use in the allergy blend, both to diffuse as well as in the rollerball. Also love the Peppermint Beadlets in my purse, instant breath freshener and love it in nice cold water - super refreshing!"
— Nancy W.


SherryH"There are so many wonderful things I could say about my experience with DoTERRA essential oils, that a few sentences does not do it justice.

Although I was interested in the health and wellness benefits of DoTERRA oils, my initial focus was on DIY recipes to replace chemical based household products. Christa has given me many wonderful recipes to help me achieve this goal. I am now using several DIY products for personal care and wellness. However, since DoTerra has started developing many of these products I’ve given up some of my DIY products and now use several DoTerra products for their convenience rather than making my own.

I also love diffusing oils (I have a diffuser in every room). Breathe is a nightly standard to diffuse in the bedroom. This is just a short list of some of my regulars: Lemon, Frankincense, Turmeric, Lavender, Peppermint, DeepBlue, MitoMax2, Onguard spray and TerraShield. I also take the LifeLong Vitality supplements.

I’m very grateful for the educational materials and resources Christa has supplied or directed me to. These materials are a great help in learning about individual oils and their benefits. Thanks to Christa and doTERRA for helping me eliminate harmful chemicals in all aspects of my life."
— Sherry H.


"I just started the vitamins about a month ago but I've already noticed an increase in my energy level and my sleeping has improved. I also feel like my mood has been more even and balanced."
— Christine L.


lindaK"In the past year of beginning my journey with doTERRA Essential Oils, I have experienced better nights sleep along with an overall feeling of calmness and energy in myself. At night I diffuse Serenity (or Lavender) and Breathe. I take TriEase during peak pollen times. I could not believe how great I felt during spring allergy season! Spring allergies also come at the end of the school year, which usually has me dragging myself to the "finish line."

However, this year, I felt the best I ever have and really attribute it to taking the Lifelong Vitality Pack. Other family members are feeling the difference with the LLV too. My 20 year old son (who has experienced anxiety and depression) commented recently that the LLV "helps my body feel more regulated/in balance." doTERRA has been a game changer for my family!”
— Linda K.


"DoTERRA has changed the way I take care of my family. We use oils everyday for a multitude of reasons. We use them at night to help with sleep and anxiety, for digestion, eczema, bug bites and as a bug spray - the list goes on and on. I am so thankful that my friend introduced me to Christa who helped me step by step to learn all of the uses for oils. I now use doTERRA for my skincare and it has changed my skin for the better in such a short time. I have seen such an improvement with acne, fine lines and dryness. I almost feel like I'm glowing and am using less makeup and cover up. I have introduced many friends to doterra through Christa and they're all very happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!?"
— Liz K.


EllenG"Christa introduced me to doTERRA essential oils 3 years ago. I have personally been taking the LifeLong Vitality supplements everyday and have to say I feel healthier and stronger than before taking the supplements. I have not been sick at all, not even a cold in three years. I am using many other essential oils in my day to day living, trying to use products that have less chemicals and are nontoxic. I use the deodorant, Verage skin care products, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion every day. The foam hand soap in my home is made using On Guard and castille soap.

My husband and I use a diffuser every night with Breathe and Lavender or Serenity to help with respiratory issues and to provide a good night's sleep. No more dryer sheets or fabric softener for us, we use dryer balls with a few drops of lemon and wild orange essential oils in our dryer.

We have also used many individual oils or blends for pain relief, muscle aches and insect bites. Deep Blue is a go to product if we are feeling really sore from over using muscles. We also use essential oils in a diffuser in the kitchen to freshen the air after cooking and to provide a nice uplifting scent in our home. I continue to learn more about the benefits of using essential oils to stay healthy, eliminate chemicals and create a healthier environment for my family."
— Ellen G.


"I initially became interested in using essential oils for their immune boosting benefits for my family. However, once I got started, I couldn't believe how useful these oils were for so many different ailments ranging from diaper rash, to headaches, to lice prevention...the list goes on and on. You name it...there's an oil for that! And what I love most is that I am able to treat so many of my families concerns using pure, natural ingredients."
— Melissa W.


suzanneP"I started using DoTERRA essential oils about two years ago with the Home Essentials Kit. I was really just looking for oils to diffuse and to just learn more about the benefits of oils. I now reach for them on a daily basis from my morning vitamins, to alleviate an occasional headache or toothache or to help sooth my children's stomach ache. I look forward to learning even more about all of the uses and benefits - they seem endless!

I noticed I am definitely sleeping better after I started taking LLV and I feel better about reaching for something natural for my family first instead of always medicine."
— Suzanne P.


"For the better part of 6 months, I’ve used Doterra essential oils because I was looking for natural ways to relax and reconnect after a full day of work and being a mother of twins. I enjoy the ritual of selecting diffuser blends at the end of the day and savoring the aromatic benefits. Christa’s wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm with essential oils has encouraged me to incorporate them in my daily life. I’ve started making small changes, like combing Rosemary through my hair for fullness, using natural remedies for colds and other ailments, or cleaning with concentrated On Guard solution. I’m finding new ways to use essential oils that I’m comfortable with and love sharing them with my family."
— Audrey P.


ElizabethA"I have been using DoTERRA essential oils for over two years now. They are so versatile and can be used in countless ways. I'm so glad to have a natural option to use with my family for health issues, injuries, and as a preventative to illness. They're also great to diffuse on a daily basis to help get us going in the morning or have a great night's sleep! I use essential oils every single day and I'm always finding new ways to use them."
— Elizabeth A.



"Ummmm, can I tell you again how much I love you for putting me on to these oils??? Gracie always gets this weird eczema on her face every winter — I put the frankincense and melaleuca on It and it’s almost gone!! Not even in two days!!!! ??"

"Christa ?? Leah was incessantly coughing last night after I put her to bed. I went up there finally and put some breathe in the palm of her hands and breathe deeply... she went right to sleep!!!!! Didn’t cough one more time!!!!!"

"Another reason to love oils — Gracie drew on Leah’s American girl dolls face with red marker?? I tried everything. LEMON OIL took it right off ?? DoTERRA saves the day once again!"
— Rebecca N.


torrieK"I have been using oils for several years now...and love them! SO many different uses-aromatherapy, skincare, cleaning products- the list goes on!!! The best part is seeing the impact on my children- they ask for oils now for every bug bite and booboo! I also take doTERRA's LLV supplements-what a difference! I have much more energy throughout the day...even through the afternoon slump!"
— Torrie K.