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Why doTERRA?

What's in your essential oil bottle? Most essential oil companies say their oils are 100% pure, but that is simply not true. While others in the essential oil industry cut corners during the planting, growing and harvesting process, or even try to "extend" pure oils by adding less expensive ingredients, doTERRA is uncompromisingly selective.

Most Tested. Most Trusted.

"You and your family deserve only the most pure, potent, and effective oils on earth.
doTERRA takes great price in sourcing them to you."

Revolutionizing The Way Families Manage Their Health

Learn even more about why doTERRA's commitment to providing the highest quality oils.
Why they doTERRA is the leading essential oil company in the world.

  • "I noticed I am definitely sleeping better after I started taking LLV and I feel better about reaching for something natural for my family first instead of always medicine."

    — Suzanne P.
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