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Aren't All Essential Oils the Same?

If you’ve never used essential oils, you might be wondering, “Aren’t all essential oils created equal if they're from the same plants?” The honest answer, sadly, is no. Essential oils are gaining such popularity that pretty much every “health” company out there is branding their own version of essential oils. Unfortunately, there is no governing body overseeing the essential oil industry, which means, there is no reason for a brand to be honest about what's actually in that bottle of “100% pure lavender” they’re selling for $5.99. They often contain fillers or other contaminants that dilute and alter the purity and potency, which diminish the therapeutic quality of the oil.

When it comes to buying essential oils, there is a lot to consider—price, ease of use, your personal preferences and needs, etc. However, the most important thing is quality. Pure essential oils will generally be safer and more effective, which means that your money will be well spent.

The quality and efficacy of an essential oil depends heavily on the production process and dozens of little details throughout an oil’s journey from plant to bottle. Even seemingly tiny factors (like the type of soil used to grow the plants or the time of day that the plants are harvested) can dramatically impact the quality of an essential oil because all of these elements impact the oil’s chemistry.

Cutting corners during any phase of the oil production or bottling process will always result in a lower quality oil. Not all essential oil producers take the same time and care necessary to produce high-quality essential oils and the difference is clear from both the resulting aroma and the efficacy of the oil when you use it.

The majority of essential oils on the market today are either contaminated or adulterated. Contamination is unintentional and usually happens due to inexperience and insufficient equipment being used. Adulteration is completely intentional and means lowering the quality of a substance by adding another substance to it.

Today, we see a lot of carrier oils being added to “extend” the oil in order to increase profits. Companies will also add similar oils, for example, Cassia is often added to Cinnamon Bark because it has a similar chemical make-up, but it will still be labeled “100% pure Cinnamon Bark.” Because of its popularity worldwide, Lavender essential oil is one of the most commonly adulterated oils, with companies adding individual chemicals that are lower quality and often times synthetic.

It has a dōTERRA label, but is it really dōTERRA?

You also need to consider who you purchase from. By purchasing from The Oils Room, you get your oils directly from the source, ensuring that you are receiving an authentic product. Unfortunately, the world of online shopping has made getting verified product difficult. Many online sellers claim to be selling oils from dōTERRA, but unfortunately it's relatively easy for unverified sellers to take the cap and ring off a bottle and either dilute or replace the oil entirely. They then put on a new cap and seal and sell it for profit.

I get it. If you’re used to Amazon Prime like me, it’s tempting to go for the free 2-day shipping. But remember, there’s no guarantee on oils purchased through other sources online. Using an oil that comes from uncertain origins could be potentially dangerous for you and your family’s health. Buying only from someone you trust or directly from dōTERRA is the only way to make sure you’re getting the quality you want.

dōTERRA is dedicated to providing the highest quality essential oils in the world. Their unique sourcing model, rigorous testing and commitment to transparency, dedication to science and research and partnerships with top universities and medical professionals make them a leader in the industry. You can be certain that you are getting the purest, most potent essential oils that will provide consistent results EVERY TIME.

This is why The Oils Room chose dōTERRA. Only the best for our families and yours. If we’re teaching you how to use essential oils for yourself and your children, we want to be sure they are the highest quality; sourced and produced by a company with strong ethics and integrity.